LE-600 Home Wind Turbine or Small Wind Turbine for Industrial Use

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The LE-600 home wind turbine is a recent new model and has been produced to meet home or industrial users’ demand for a really powerful, yet compact mini wind generator. LE-600 is suitable for many off-grid applications as well as plug-in or grid-tie operation. A new elegant downwind body houses an extremely powerful and efficient Neodymium magnet axial flux generator. Look at the power curve and the turbine’s power-to-weight ratio as well as its power-to-cost ratios — this small wind turbine is set to be the market leader on any measure of performance.

LE-600 Turbine Design

By combining the successful design philosophies from both the LE-300 (Wren) micro wind generator and the bigger LE-1000 home wind turbine model, the LE-600 is an extreme-environment capable small wind turbine which offers exceptional value for money and great reliability. Typical applications for the LE-600 mini wind turbine include the ones previously covered by the much more expensive Airdolphin-PRO and range from unmanned monitoring stations, gas extraction platforms, live aboard marine vessels, road and safety signs to general off-grid power applications as well as augmentation of solar-PV generation (both gird-tied or off-grid).

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Why the LE-600 Over Other Small Wind Generator Model Choices or Manufacturers?

The LE-600 is unique as a downwind turbine in this size category. This lends many advantages from reduced footprint/operating envelope to high stability in turbulent and gusty wind conditions. Downwind turbines also weigh less due to a much smaller turbine head. The unique swept turbine blades are engineered to perfectly match the alternator giving perfect synergy in operation whilst minimising turbine acoustics.

The blades of the LE-600 are manufactured using a unique process known as injection-moulding. The blade material is glass reinforced nylon which is highly durable and virtually indestructible in all environments and climates. The alternator is engineered to absorb all of the power that can be transmitted from the main rotor ensuring that power conversion is maximised and the main rotor is highly controlled.

A thermal shut-down system also automatically stops the turbine during prolonged high wind events. Power from the LE-600 is transmitted as ‘wild’ AC and is rectified to DC within the Power Conditioning Unit (PCU). This means that even 12 V power can be transmitted over relatively long distances with smaller, cheaper and easier to install cables. The PCU is also equipped with an integrated run/stop switch, ammeter and over-voltage protection when used with grid-tie inverters.

Small Wind Turbine LE-600 Comes Loaded with Design Advantages

The overall system design is kept simple and is laid out to reduce fatigue and stress on materials for long-term reliable operation and low TCO. This is a different approach than with many competing “high tech” turbines relying heavily on electronic speed controls and generator braking (ultimately bearing heavily on the coils and reducing the useful life of those turbines). LE-600 is the choice for reliable or not-so-frequently monitored applications and has been selected for professional applications like railway signalling, environmental or weather data stations and similar.

This turbine is NOT a haphazardly thrown-together, cheap Chinese-made product. It is NOT flown in from half around the world with an extremely bad environmental footprint of its own in the first place either, but the LE-600 small wind turbine has been very carefully designed and manufactured in Britain to the highest standards to give maximum value in the most demanding environments.

  • rotor diameter 1.54 m
  • max. power 720 Wp @19 m/s
  • optional generator voltage 12 V, 24 V or 48 V
  • inverters available for 230 V AC/120 V AC utility-grade power and/or grid-interconnection and feeding-out clean energy
  • cut-in wind-speed 3 m/s (7.2 mph)
  • very wide range of power-producing wind speeds
  • rudderless Downwind design for minimised turbine head weight
  • annual expected production of 540 KWh up to 3260 KWh (@4.1 m/s or 8.0 m/s respectively), depending on site quality
  • rated capacity 160 Watts @7.2 m/s (16.2 mph)
  • 30 m noise level 54 dB(A), equivalent to normal speech
  • neat overall design with lightweight Downwind turbine head
  • maintenance-free design, electronically balanced blades, anti-corrosion teflon-based paint, screw-less casing
  • 20 year design life, yearly planned servicing
  • total weight only 19.5 kgs
  • designed and manufactured in the U. K.

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