Small Wind Turbines, Enecsys Solar Micro Inverters, Made-in-Germany Schott Solar 185 Wp and 195 Watt monocrystalline PV Panels, SMA Plug-In Inverters

Renewable energy is, first of all, the most prudent and reasonable approach to supplying power and solving numerous problems around the subject of energy supply. Not all Renewables are created equal, though, and there is little use in spoiling the countryside with gigantic industrial-size wind turbines as these have a severe environmental footprint themselves; also, the power grid loses around 50% of all energy generated in transmission. The obvious solution is, therefore, truly environemtnally-friendly de-centralized or Home Power (residential-scale generation, i e at home,in small business or on small farms) right on the spot where power is consumed.

Technology has made it easier than ever to use this approach without sacrificing any of the conveniences most people take for granted today…

A wide range of controllers, electronic control and monitoring solutions as well as internet or webbrowser-based remote control tools is available nowadays and even more or less affordable.

Looking for Green Energy, for free information on Home Power equipment and decentralized renewable energy generation products or to buy plug-in Small Wind Turbines, Solar Micro Inverters, Schott Solar 195 Watt Solar Panels, 235 Wp poly PV modules, SMA Grid-Tie Inverters Made in Germany priced competitively? Then look no further: all your Home Power needs covered by and our friendly e-shop and dedicated online customer service.

Home Wind Turbines and Solar Power Equipment, for grid-tie or off-grid use, We Deliver Worldwide at competitive online prices!

To have a look at our offers and individual Home Power item specifications, visit us online and find our competitive offers for the Home Wind Turbine Airdolphin Z1000-24 priced competitively as well as LE-600 small wind turbines and the even more lightweight small wind generator LE-300, an easy to deploy micro wind turbine online as grid-tie or off-grid wind generators? Then look no further: all your Home Power needs covered by and our friendly e-shop with dedicated customer service.


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