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Home Power as a Business (or Smart Investment)

Home power may be your friend during the upcoming economic downturn. It is a bit like owning precious metals or “opting out” of our overly networked way of life in certain other ways. One of a the major incentives to investing in residential-scale Green Energy is its capability of hedging against two of the most likely economic risks threatening your money today: overall loss of currency value and ensuing consumer price inflation. These might materialize as soon as the end of summer 2012 and would likely be visible as a slight — and then accelerating, not so slight anymore — downturn and an increase in prices including energy and utility bills at the same go. The supporting fundamentals for both are in place, it’s just a matter of time for them to materialize. As noted above, both are likely to happen rather soon (and yes, even though it may sound contradictory from a conventional economic point of view to have both a severe recession or even deflation and an increase in energy prices at roughly the same time, this is still an ever increasingly-likely scenario).


Small Wind Turbine LE-300

LE-300 is the most affordable and lightweight, yet powerful, robust, and high-quality micro wind turbine you can think of. With a rotor diameter of just 1.0 metres and its extraordinarily low weight of just 5.5 kgs, this low-priced and very versatile clean power generator is fast and easy to set up and deploy. It can be used either as a home wind turbine or to power remote installations like weather monitoring, webcams, signalling devices or similar in a professional setting. Quality-built in the U. K. and using maintenance-free and sealed-for-life rare earth generators, the design life of this unit is 20 years (though this turbine will usually last a lot longer in real life thanks to its deliberately simple and straightforward design). Expected annual power production is 240 KWh to 1050 KWh (for sites averaging  4.1 m/s or 8.0 m/s respectively). Particularly when installation cost or the increasingly significant and recurring monthly subscription fees for grid power supply are added in, the LE-300 can provide a dramatically less costly and independent source of power and thus pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.


LE-300 low-price micro wind turbine available from


Here are the major specifications of this very affordable UK-made micro wind turbine at a glance:

Rotor Diameter 1 metre
Rotor Type: 3-Blade upwind
Blade Material: Glass Reinforced, UV resistant Nylon
Rated Output: 85watts @ 8m/s (18mph)
Peak Output: 300watts
Cut-in speed: 3m/s (6.7mph)
Weight: 6kg
Generator Type: 3-Phase Brushless NIB rotor PMA
Output voltage: 12 or 24V
Warranty 5 years


Why choose the LE-300 Small Wind Turbine

  • Extremely quiet because of WhispowerTM blades
  • Lightweight – just 6kg – and easy to mount
  • Starts generating in very low winds, delivers high power in very strong winds
  • Robust aluminium chassis finished using Airbus approved paint
  • A4 stainless steel fixings used throughout.
  • Pairs of top quality, marine grade, sealed for life bearings used
  • Excellent reliability with a 5 year warranty
  • Superior battery protection system

Contact to enquire about further details or price information for LE-300 and other home wind turbines.

Small Wind Turbines, Enecsys Solar Micro Inverters, Made-in-Germany Schott Solar 185 Wp and 195 Watt monocrystalline PV Panels, SMA Plug-In Inverters

Renewable energy is, first of all, the most prudent and reasonable approach to supplying power and solving numerous problems around the subject of energy supply. Not all Renewables are created equal, though, and there is little use in spoiling the countryside with gigantic industrial-size wind turbines as these have a severe environmental footprint themselves; also, the power grid loses around 50% of all energy generated in transmission. The obvious solution is, therefore, truly environemtnally-friendly de-centralized or Home Power (residential-scale generation, i e at home,in small business or on small farms) right on the spot where power is consumed.

Technology has made it easier than ever to use this approach without sacrificing any of the conveniences most people take for granted today…

A wide range of controllers, electronic control and monitoring solutions as well as internet or webbrowser-based remote control tools is available nowadays and even more or less affordable.

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Micro Inverters Enecsys SMI-S240 priced low online, European quality and priced more competitively than Involar micro inverter MAC250

Extremely powerful for such a small turbine: Airdolphin GTO™ has a top power of 4.1 KWp and is ideally suited for home power generation or small business use. Rotor ø 1.80 metres, total  mass just 17.5 kgs. Rated power is 1.1 Kw constant at 12.5 m/sec. Easy to install and exceptionally silent Airdolphin GTO™ is grid-tie optimised, and its DC 250 V output is connected to domestic breaker boxes using widespread solar PV inverters. No buffer batteries whatsoever needed. This makes Airdolphin GTO™ much more economical than low-voltage MWTs but still gives you as much power as a (much more expensive) 6 KW solar PV system would. See Airdolphin GTO™ details and features here.We have the best Airdolphin GTO™ prices throughout the U. S., Canada, the U. K and most of Europe at that!A low-voltage battery-charge DC 24 V mini wind generator version Airdolphin Z1000-24 compatible with SMA WindyBoy 1100LV inverters is also available. This setup is then also suitable for remote power needs, off-grid or island grid setups as well as plug-in operation using the SMA WindyBoy 1100LV and either buffer batteries or a set of Zephyr-manufactured varsitor-based capacitors giving extra flexibility and a wide range of uses.

small wind generator Airdolphin Z1000-24 pricey but high-quality home wind turbine delivered worldwide by miniwindshop Hamburg and found online on

Micro Wind Turbine LE-300 (Wren)

Home Power Micro wind turbine LE-300 price low online, selection of small wind turbines on

Featherweight micro wind turbine, installs roughly as easy as a sat dish  and can be deployed in many places that might otherwise be unsuitable for a wind turbine… With a rotor ø of just 1.10 metres and a total mass of 5.5 kgs, Wren delivers 300 Wp which is more than even the best current-module solar PV modules. Several Wren turbines can (and, depending on your individual needs, probably should) be  coupled together to match real-life Home Power demands or may be used for powering special equipment one LE-300 Wren micro turbine at a time or “bundled” — at Wren’s low price it doesn’t really hurt to do so…

Mikrowindanlage Wren 300 W Preis in Deutschland ab EUR 798,00

LE-2000 (Merlin)

Made in Germany Schott 195 Wp monocrystalline price solar PV panel

Mini Wind Turbine Merlin, 2.5 KW continuous output @11 m/sec, rated power 11 m/sec (and at just 8 m/s at that!), expected annual output 2500 KWh/a @4 m/sec or 7500 KWh/a or more from 7 m/sec. Very attractive price/output ratio, priced at €3.890,00Further details for LE-2000 Merlin available here.

Kleines Windrad Mini Windanlage LE-2000 Merlin 2,5 KW MWT, erhaeltlich bei Miniwindshop Hamburg